Heavy Equipment & Manufacturing

The Desired Scenario:
  • Understand the financial impact of down-times on profitability
  • Reduce working capital blocked in over stocking of spares
  • Well-oiled teams to take immediate corrective action
  • Spares vendor management to ensure JIT and quality spares
  • Check the impact on Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss
The Solution:
  • S3 IoT Gateway acquires data from various sources such as PLC , sensors, electrical energy meters, switchgears etc. Data from operational and commercial systems – ERPs – can also be connected.
  • This data is sent to a cloud server using either the Local Ethernet, WiFi or a GPRS connection.
  • The S3 Plant Analytics Suite picks up all this data and then provides an authentic reporting platform for key stake holders and decision makers
  • The S3 Plant Analytics Suite analyses this data, creates and sends alerts to authorised users, allows access to historic data to authorised users
  • The raw data can be viewed online in various formats such as Excel, PDF, graph, table etc. Customized reports based on customer requirement are also on offer. SMS alerts for key actions by users are also configured in the software
The Benefits:

  • Track movement of assets, goods & equipment
  • Reduce errors caused due to multiple data capture points
  • Get immediate insights on inventory levels and machine history for every breakdown
  • Analyse the breakdown trends real-time for repair / replace decisions
  • Streamline dispatches
  • Plant information available on the go to all the key decision makers