Facilities Management

Industry Challenges:

Waste Bins : The waste bins need to be cleaned as soon as the bins are filled. Currently the janitor has to personally check for all bins at regular intervals.

Manpower Tracking: Ensuring availability of manpower at all times as per SLAs is a major challenge.

Machine Monitoring: Cleaning machines allocated at sites need to be monitored for usage and ensure minimum downtime

Washroom Monitoring: Washrooms need to be maintained as per set standards at all times irrespective of footfall and may require at times more than the scheduled cleaning.

Rodent Monitoring:  Traps are laid across the sites and physical monitoring needs to be carried out to keep track of rodent activity.


Solution Offered:

Smart Bins: To ensure that the bins are emptied whenever full, bins are fitted with level and weight sensors and an alert is raised as soon as a preset level of garbage is reached

Manpower Tracking: To ensure manpower availability as per the SLAs every staff member on site is given a wearable tag and the movement monitored within the premises.

Machine Monitoring: To ensure optimum usage of machine and reduce downtime, machines are retro-fitted with GPS tracker for location and current sensor for the machine uptime

Washroom Monitoring : To maintain washrooms at all times, alert for excess usage based on footfall sensor ensures washroom is cleaned when necessary .  The air quality is also monitored for ammonia levels.

Rodent Monitoring: To ensure rodents trapped are cleared in time and their effectiveness is monitored, motion detectors inside traps monitor not only rodents trapped but also misses i.e. rodent entered the trap but escaped.


Results Achieved:

Machine Monitoring

  • Machine maintenance streamlined based on the usage hours
  • Downtime notified immediately ensuring immediate issue resolution

Manpower Tracking

  • Ensure manpower is available as per the SLA
  • Ensure persons do not move out of the geo-fence (out of the premises)
  • This has resulted in effective manpower planning and results in better profitability

Rodent Monitoring

  • The traps are maintained and kept clean all the time everytime a rodent is caught to ensure hygienic conditions
  • Eliminates manpower deployment for specifically checking of the traps at regular intervals

Washroom Monitoring

  • Washrooms maintained at the same quality standards at all times, even on excess usage

Smart Bins

  • Bins are emptied in time, including times when the filling rate is high and eliminating regular monitoring rounds by personnel