Cold Chain & Warehouse


  • Cold Storage is one of the important links in cold chain supply logistics for perishable goods.
  • This is an energy intensive industry and has a direct impact on profitability.
  • Availability of reliable manpower adds to the challenge.
  • Precise information and control is an important factor to improve bottom lines, adhere to safety standards and fulfill SLAs.




  • View real time temperature of each zone
  • View real time on/off status of each zone
  • Set temperature thresholds for alerts on min and max temperature
  • Switch individual units on/off
  • View status of door (open/close)
  • Set alert on door open beyond set time limit
  • Historical trends
  • Alerts & Notifications on mobile and email
  • Multilingual support


Smart Racks (Add-on):

  • Get real-time status of Inventory on racks in warehouses, super markets
  • ReduceĀ  timeĀ engaged in stocks and inventory management
  • Monitor load on each rack
  • Alerts can be customised for:
    • Re-order Levels
    • Empty racks
    • Loaded racks
    • Slow moving items
    • End of life items


  • Monitor temperature for each zone to ensure ideal conditions
  • Save energy costs by remotely switching off unutilized zones
  • Save energy costs by monitoring door status
  • Monitor unit health patterns to reduce downtimes thus avoiding wastages & loses
  • Remote operation to save on manpower and logistic costs
  • Real-time and historical reports to avoid service disputes and SLA violations
  • Customer satisfaction and retention by reducing downtime and ensuring competitive rates due to controlled costs