“Be a focused IT partner, providing niche high value solutions; enabling and empowering key decision makers across the organisation with gainful insights”

Founded in 2012 , Sarvavid is focused on the development of innovative solutions to ensure every organization of any size and vertical can leverage technology, to empower every person in the organization with the only aim being business growth. Sarvavid focuses on development of solution for any function of the organization using technology to retain knowledge within the organization.

Smart Racks

Racks or Shelves are now more than just a surface for storing and displaying objects. Using sensors like RFID readers weight sensors, proximity sensors etc, technology vendors are enabling interactions between shoppers and the racks where items are being displayed.

Smart Machines

To ensure optimum usage of machine and reduce downtime, machines are retro-fitted with GPS tracker for location and current sensor for the machine uptime

Smart Washroom

Monitor usage, occupancy, air quality to maintain upkeep and hygiene at all times.

Smart Bin

Monitor garbage level, lid status, location to ensure timely emptying of bin, thus helping maintain service standards at optimum resource levels

Smart Rodent Trap

Ensure rodents trapped are cleared in time to maintain a healthy environment.

Smart Asset Tracking

Track asset movement, asset condition and location to ensure availability and identify usage patterns