Generator Monitoring System:

The Generator Monitoring System is designed specifically for emergency power generators to monitor engine operations and detect pre-alarms or failures. This insures increased generator availability and a rapid response to service problems. The GMS monitors the power generators placed at the remote areas and increases its Efficiency by monitoring the various parameters of generator, Reporting critical Problems minimizes downtime and maximizes availability by sending generator failure messages instantly to you for diagnosis and emergency service dispatch if required. The GMS is used in standby, prime and rental power applications.

It works on GSM/ GPRS technology, GMS can monitor various parameters such as external power supply, the battery voltage, DG run hours, fuel level, etc. In normal condition it generates highly elaborative and explanatory reports in the form of Graphs and comparative data sheet. These web based reports are easily accessible, anywhere, anytime.

Chiller Monitoring System:

The Chiller Monitoring System allows multiple chiller units to be connected to a monitoring application using modbus and display the various parameters on an intuitive GUI. Alarms are visible on the screen with specific color codes for the states. Various charts and reports can be generated on the historical data as well. The system provides for dynamic addition or configuration of slave devices through GUI.