About Us


Sarvavid (sârvâvɪd सर्वविद्) in Sanskrit literally means “All Knowing”.

We Know that our client first looks for a sense of comfort working with us. This comes from us having worked on both sides of the table.
We Know that our client wants us to understand the requirements from his perspective (listen to what we want rather than talk about what you want to sell)

So we are all knowing about technology, about our client’s needs and concerns.
“All Knowing” that our client wants the technology solutions to function as part of his system, after all Solution also means a homogenous mixture…….



Abhijit Deshpande Bahar Tepan
Abhijit is a serial entreprenuer and a staunch supporter of natural farming. With over 19 years experience in hard core technology and having delivered challenging projects, he has still avoided being a tech junkie, and believes that technology is just a means to achieve excellence. With over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, Bahar epitomises what a woman entreprenuer is. Apart from playing the Sitar, Bahar’s talent lies in building long lasting customer relationships. She is a strong believer that a warm smile and a sympathetic ear can achieve anything in the world.