“Be a focused IT partner, providing niche high value solutions; enabling and empowering key decision makers across the organisation with gainful insights”

Founded in 2012 , Sarvavid is focused on the development of innovative solutions to ensure every organization of any size and vertical can leverage technology, to empower every person in the organization with the only aim being business growth. Sarvavid focuses on development of solution for any function of the organization using technology to retain knowledge within the organization.

Engineering Solutions

Sarvavid has gained expertise in building solutions for the engineering and process industry. Our cloud based estimation and optimization solutions enable enterprises of all sizes to capture and retain knowledge within the organization.

Business Intelligence

Having access to timely and accurate information is an important resource, which can expedite decision-making and improve customers’ experience. Our BI solutions give you actionable insights for quicker decision making. All the data within an organization is collected and presented


Continuous monitoring and improvement of key performance parameters is very vital for efficient and effective operations. The IoT solutions from Sarvavid enable you to keep control over these aspects by continuous monitoring and real time updates. Every aspect of the operation